Edexcel music technology coursework

An example Logbook has been attached but each year this could be slightly different so make sure you get your copy from your teacher. Below is a rough guide as to what to expect in each question: Or how to use pitch-flex creatively. Music Tech Guru specialises in providing high quality Music Tech resources and support to educational establishments across the UK.

Each year the students are given 2 styles to study but each year these styles are different. Recording Techniques and sonic qualities Question 4: The piece should also be between 3 and 5 minutes in length and show a range of recording techniques, instruments and use of production effects.

Multi-track Recording 40 marks Record a commercially available song using only audio technology. Creative Sequenced Arrangement 40 marks Arrange a piece of music based on the Edexcel exam board brief, which will be different every year Ask your teacher for your portfolio 1 booklet.

For example, how to use the Alchemy Synth as a powerful sampler. This unit provides students with an opportunity to study the styles most common in popular music from to the present day. Identify pitch and Rhythmic errors and Dynamic processing Question 3: Chosen Styles Questions 40 Marks Question 5: With years of experience within the both the music industry and education, we have a unique insight into the challenge of providing the right skills and motivation for students of music technology.

The tutorials combine annotated videos, downloadable files and quizzes with clear tasks and objectives that relate to real-world situations.

You must record a minimum of 8 track, 4 of which should be recorded using microphones.

Edexcel Music Technology: Teaching Component 4 for Exam Success

These tutorials will be refined over the coming months and will be available in the shop. Performance and Production elements Section B Questions 5 and 6: There are exceptions to this, but in general, the resources needed will not change from year to year We do not feel comfortable asking our customers to pay for the same resources year after year.

Through the use of these tutorials the students will hopefully go on to use the skills they have learnt for their own recordings and compositions. These questions are based on your choice of song and style and give you a chance to discus how you have used the various elements of the style and song.

Listening and Analysing Exam Unit 2 lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes and is worth a total of 60 marks but the exam is marked out of We believe that having a strong context to the learning experience is key to helping students achieve a strong understanding of Music Technology Through our tutorials, the student will learn their skills by undertaking various tasks related to the professional world of music production.The course will focus on the techniques required to edit, process and mix audio and MIDI materials along with the related theoretical content It will feature discussion of mark scheme requirements, practical delivery strategies and ideas for teaching Component 4 synoptically across the new two-year linear Music Technology course.

Music Tech Guru is a provider of top quality resources to educators and students across the UK, particularly the Edexcel Music Technology A level course. Music Technology (Edexcel) Entry Requirements: This course is aimed at students who have been successful in gaining a good grade at GCSE Music or BTEC Music.

AS and A level Music Technology is changing from Find out more on our website. (first assessment AS and A level), including our accredited Edexcel AS and A level Music Technology specifications and sample assessment materials.

We’ve also clearly defined the skills required in each of the coursework assessments to help. May 06,  · Lily, I wish more teachers did as you are doing and mrked exams for a year or two to really get to know the mark scheme.

I've been doing it for a while now. Edexcel AS Music Technology Unit 1: Music Technology Portfolio 1 *Unit code 6MT% emarks Content Summary Students will learn and use a variety of music and music technology skills in order to.

AS/A2 Edexcel Music Technology: Listening and Analysing Download
Edexcel music technology coursework
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