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In history, crop failures and subsequent famines have triggered human migrationrural exodusetc. Energy harvesting is the process of capturing and storing energy such as solar powerthermal energy, wind energysalinity gradients, and kinetic energy that would otherwise go unexploited.

With a steadily growing world population and local overpopulationeven slightly diminishing yields are already the equivalent to a partial harvest failure.

Body harvesting, or cadaver harvesting, is the process of collecting and preparing cadavers for anatomical study. It continues to mean "autumn" in British dialect, and "season of gathering Harvest time generally.

People who harvest and equipment that harvests are harvesters; while they do it, they are harvesting. Instead of harvest, the term exploit is also used, as in exploiting fisheries or water resources.

The term harvest is also used in reference to harvesting grapes for wine. In a similar sense, organ harvesting is the removal of tissues or organs from a donor for purposes of transplanting.

For example, if a person or business was to cash out of an ownership position in a company or eliminate their investment in a product, it is known as a harvest strategy. January Learn how and when to remove this template message Crop failure also known as harvest failure is an absent or greatly diminished crop yield relative to expectation, caused by the plants being damaged, killed, or destroyed, or affected in some way that they fail to form edible fruitseeds, or leaves in their expected abundance.

Fertilizers obviate the need for soil regeneration in the first place, and international trade prevents local crop failures from developing into famines. Other uses[ edit ] Harvesting commonly refers to grain and produce, but also has other uses: Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

The proliferation of industrial monocultureswith their reduction in crop diversity and dependence on heavy use of artificial fertilizers and pesticideshas led to overexploited soils that are nearly incapable of regeneration. Over years, unsustainable farming of land degrades soil fertility and diminishes crop yield.

This section does not cite any sources. Within the context of irrigationwater harvesting refers to the collection and run-off of rainwater for agricultural or domestic uses. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.Oct 05,  · Video Footage compliments of FarmallDiesel Song is Harvest Time By Luke Bryan.

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