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Usually combination of an honours bachelor and a professional or graduate-level program. Special project student, He is currently pursuing an doctoral degree in psychology here at the University of Ottawa. Misha worked as a volunteer RA in the lab from to The point at which the option is chosen depends on the program.

Nathalie is a former graduate student in the lab. Students add the second discipline after completing a minimum of eight courses in their program 24 credits. The honours BSc in psychology is a program that offers basic training in psychology, viewed as a behavioural science, with a significant complement of natural science courses.

Cheron Martin Honours Thesis Student, It prepares students for graduate studies in neuroscience, the cognitive sciences and health sciences. Finding an Honours Thesis supervisor Finding an Honours Thesis supervisor should be done only when all eligibility criteria are fulfilled.

Her primary area of interest was in the effects of visual rehabilitation on the functional vision of patients undergoing photodynamic therapy for macular degeneration.

She has since gone on to graduate studies in cognitive neuroscience at Carleton University. Nathalie continues to do research in similar areas with Olga Overbury of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, and is currently pursuing graduate studies in education.

Students who are not successful in finding an Honours Thesis supervisor will have to withdraw from the Thesis. Luisa completed her honours thesis here indoing work on a project examining the effects of image background on face recognition.

She was involved in a number of projects, but was particularly important in the completion of work on creating norms for a face acuity chart.

Students who wish to undertake graduate studies in a Quebec francophone institution may readily tailor their programs to meet the requirements of these institutions. Biochemistry, University of Ottawa. Honours Thesis Student, She is currently pursuing graduate studies in psychology at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.

Discipline combinations are pre-established Discipline chosen at time of admission. He continues to work with us, though he is now a graduate student with the Quibb lab under Denis Cousineau. However, the honours degrees open doors to certain fields of work in psychology and related sciences hospitals, clinics, research centres, governments, and other areas.

Megan was the first graduate student to graduate from the lab. He will soon be joining the Department of Psychology at Brandon University.

Honours BSc in Psychology

No change required for duration of studies. Psychology, University of Ottawa, Honours Student, Katie completed her honours thesis in our lab in PSY (honours thesis) or 3 optional level PSY course units Registration to the honours thesis requires the following prerequisites: PSYPSYPSYPSYthe successful completion of all science courses and a CGPA of Finding a thesis supervisor; Admission equivalencies; Apply for graduate studies; Please note that it will be possible to complete an Honours Research Project while being in an Honours program with Major in Biochemistry, Biology, [email protected] Office of the Dean Tabaret Hall Cumberland St, room C Ottawa, ON, Canada.

The School of Psychology offers four undergraduate programs: a BA with concentration, an honours BA with thesis, an honours BA without thesis and an honours BSc. The purpose of the concentration program is to enable the student to acquire basic knowledge in psychology while completing a general education at the University of Ottawa.

Honours level, so flexibility is essential when considering projects and supervisors. [email protected] A draft of your thesis is due at this point to ensure you are prepared to present and discuss your research during the poster session.

Please note that the draft need not be a. Submit an Honours thesis describing the research.

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During the year, you will receive additional information about the Honours Project, including information about the poster, the thesis and important deadlines.

Registration for that Honours Thesis might be completed with the school of Social Sciences, Undergraduate Studies Office (Faculty of Social Sciences Building, Room ) – Fax. [email protected] Share this: Related Articles: Digital thesis and dissertation online.

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Honours thesis uottawa
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