How to face competitive exam

Before sleeping you can maybe study for a few hours. If you have too much backlog to cover, just do something light at the time — like clearing your desk, sorting your notes or arranging your school bag to let the sleepy phase pass. They are not that great for your health. Keep all of these points in mind and make sure you are studying enough.

Do not slouch or study when you are sleepy Sitting with books when sleepy-eyed is a total waste of time. It will surely give you a good idea of what will be coming for your exam.

So make sure you have a proper diet prepared from beforehand so that you can be ready for the exam in the best way possible.

All of this matters a lot.

How to Study and Crack Competitive Exams- One Stop for All Tips and Tricks

Studying is important and if you can get distracted easily, then make sure that phone is away from you. R1 for Reading the topic or chapter from beginning to end: The best time to study is in the morning itself.

Study during the early hours of the day: To be honest, it will help you remember a lot of stuff in the long run. Difficult topics can be studied in the early hours of the day.

Of course, you cannot control all your family, but you may adjust your time table to study early in the morning or late at night when everyone else is quiet.

Just study hard and do your best and we promise good results will show. In such cases, it is very important to get your plan in mind. Books may look unused. Spend that time on studying.

Competitive Exams Practice Tests

Switch off your phone: But you sure can drink one cup when you are trying to study and finish something important and you feel dizzy or tired instead.

For me, 3 pm is the time when I get quite slothful — about two hours after I have lunch. When it comes to tea, there are several options instead such as herbal and green tea that can actually refresh your mind and help you do much better during exams.

They could really take up a whole lot of time. With these colours, you will actually be able to revise much better. When there is a test in class, use the time before school to quickly memorize questions, brush up facts and learn diagrams.

Now that you have kept the material in the storage unit of your memory it, sift it to put it in your permanent memory. For those of you who do not know, exercising is really important and can actually take you a very long way. Also keep yourself far away from social media around this time.

This is actually How to face competitive exam very good strategy and one that can help you in the long run. Smart work is better than hard work The attention you pay to the subject and alertness of your mind matters more than the time you spend on it. The keywords are very important and shall be needed when you are getting ready for an exam.

The logic is—if you study the same subject at the same time and the same place, your brain makes the association and gets trained accordingly. Next what you should do is read the text properly and thoroughly. Hence, for intense memorization sessions like when you are trying to learn dates and events, names of countries and their capitals, a foreign language or math formulae, you should not study for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a stretch.

If that is one of you, then make sure you to have a proper study schedule later. You can sandwich History or English Literature in between and your brain will be able to absorb all three subjects much better. Here is how you go about it:Exam Tips Success in any exam not only depends on how a candidate has done preparation for any particular exam but also depends on the temperament in the examination hall.

Here at Tara Institute, we create exact environment for candidates that helps them to handle the exam pressure & stress. Candidates must know how to conquer exam stress. How to Face Competitive Exams mint-body.comnkar, mint-body.comandran, mint-body.comhas Department of Mechanical Engineering Einstein College of Engineering How do you plan your Career.

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Competitive Exams is on Facebook. To connect with Competitive Exams, join Facebook today/5(17). Mar 23,  · Reader Approved How to Prepare for Competitive Exams. Four Methods: Considering Your Options Being Healthy and Combatting Stress Studying for the Test Working on Your Concentration Community Q&A Competitive exams can seem daunting, but if you employ smart strategies to prepare for the exam, the process can be much more manageable%(3).

Creating a Framework for Competitive Analysis Competitive Market & Environment Chapter Exam Instructions Students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face.

How to face competitive exam
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