Loser spinelli book report

His father, mother, and younger sister are all very supportive but the boy next door and another boy in school whom Zinkoff attempts to befriend reject his advances. Add your rating See all 32 kid reviews.

All the way through third grade, he maintains an almost unblemished joy in life and openness to relationships with people of all ages. Unfortunately, only a few adults seem to understand and appreciate his special nature and among other children his age, he makes virtually no friends.

This section contains words approx. Though he does eventually recover his old spirit, he develops a new maturity and becomes more self-conscious about his enthusiastic behavior.

Spinelli follows him from early childhood through middle school. This book was alsp along with uninteresting, really sad. Eventually, he is found and brought home.

Biswell, is more hostile towards him, and regularly scolds him for his lack of discipline. When Zinkoff enters the first grade, his sloppiness and excessive enthusiasm are immediately noted by his teacher, Miss Meeks. An old lady there speaks to him, as does the young mother of a small child named Claudia.

After he fares terribly during a major school sports day, the others start calling him "loser," although not to his face and he remains half-unaware of the name. It was nominated for the Mark Twain Award. Talk to your kids about Believing that she ran away, he decides to search for her. Feb 21, Dj Sablan rated it did not like it I was in the in the 5th or 6th grade when I decided to read this book and read it in one day.

Few writers could pull this off -- a book with no villains, no heroes, and little real conflict, which is basically a child development text turned into a novel. Families can talk about what it means to be human, and what it means to grow up.

Once he is in fifth grade, Zinkoff makes a more active effort to fit in. The I was in the in the 5th or 6th grade when I decided to read this book and read it in one day.

Loser Summary & Study Guide

No I am not heartless, but this story had no aim.Jerry Spinelli received the Newbery Medal for Maniac Magee and a Newbery Honor for Wringer. His other books include Smiles to Go, Loser, Space Station Seventh Grade, Who Put That Hair in My Toothbrush?, Dump Days, and Stargirl.4/5(85).

Loser, Jerry Spinelli book report by Cameron Johnson The setting of the story The setting takes place in John W Satterfield Elementary from 1st to 5th grade and Zinkoff's house which is relatively small but is big enough to fit Zinkoff's family.

Loser was kind of a sad book, still really good all the same. Though it had a few flaws like its lack of vocabulary, it still has a lot that makes it a good book, like its /5.

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Show results for. Books. Loser, by Jerry Spinelli, is one of my favorite fiction novels. The main plot of the story is that Donald Zinkoff has horrible handwriting, is clumsy, and is a loser to everyone else.

Book Review By SeungJin Han Recently, I finished a book called Loser, by Jerry Spinelli. It had an interesting plot that was simple yet enjoyable. The writer used /5().

Loser spinelli book report
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