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Fox is a recent graduate of Kansas State University who moves to New York City where he has landed an entry level job as a financier.

Upon arriving, he discovers that the company for which he is supposed to work has been taken over by a rival corporation. The Pemrose Corporation is preparing to merge with the infamous Davenport Corporation.

When Howard asks her to spy on Carlton Whitfield, Christy falls head-over-heels for "Whitfield", not knowing he is actually Brantley. While both Christy and Brantley are moving out of their offices, they end up in the same elevator and make up, conceiving a revenge plan with Vera.

Brantley and Christy end their budding relationship and Brantley gets sacked from his job he did as Whitfield, as does Christy for refusing to continue the affair with Howard. She promptly replaces him with Brantley, with Jean, Christy and Melrose at his side.

If Davenport Corporation merges with Pemrose, everyone gets fired. Brantley then gets changed as fast as he can and leaves the mansion without being seen by Howard. Vera only seduced Brantley to get back at her husband for having an affair with a woman in his office.

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Vera persuades Brantley to stay for a swim and seduces him by stripping off his swimsuit and having an underwater kiss before she rips off her swimsuit and ultimately swims naked with him. Plot[ edit ] Brantley Foster Michael J. Upon inspecting company reports, Brantley realizes that Howard and most of his fellow "suits" executives are making ineffective or detrimental decisions.

Brantley then assumes this role.

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As a result, Brantley is laid off before he even starts working. Upon seeing Howard arriving, Brantley and Vera realize they are related albeit not by blood.

Howard, unaware that Whitfield and Brantley are one and the same person, suspects "Whitfield" is a spy for corporate raider Donald Davenport Fred Gwynne.

While handling two jobs switching between casual wear and business suits in the elevatorBrantley also falls head-over-heels for Christy Wills Helen Slatera fellow financial wizard who recently graduated from Harvard. While security guards escort Howard and his aide, Art Thomas Gerry Bammanfrom the Pemrose Building, Brantley and Christy start planning their future together, personal as well as My sucess.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get another job, mostly because he is either overqualified or underqualified and has little experience, Brantley ends up working in the mailroom of the Pemrose Corporation, which is directed by his uncle, Howard Prescott Richard Jordanthe CEO.University of Hawai'i System Login.

Forgot Password? UH Username. Singles from The Secret of My Success Soundtrack "The Secret of My Success" Released: March 28, ; The soundtrack was released on LP and cassette tape on April 10, Seven of the 10 tracks were produced, and either written or co-written, by David Foster, who also scored the film and has three tracks of his own on the album.

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We believe that families have a major influence on their. Apr 10,  · Watch video · 4 February | by Spikeopath – See all my reviews Brantley Foster (Michael J,Fox) is from Kansas, wanting to better himself in the big wide world he hits New York hoping to make it big.

However, landing a job in the big apple isn't as easy as he had thought/10(K).

My sucess
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