Opposing views on diabetes

And some really impressed me by what they seemed to know about diabetes. And I advise the raw vegan diet for diabetics only temporarily, feeling it is wise to go to more balanced diet after better control is obtained.

I started writing here because I wanted to get that message out to more people. I really like it when I receive Opposing views on diabetes on my articles because it means people are reading them and that they have an opinion. Also, many of the journals, particularly the ortho-molecular journals, which commonly support supplements, are not widely respected by the physician community.

That is a blatantly false statement and you know it. Cousens, the only condition for which I recommend trying a raw vegan diet is diabetes, as he has gotten such impressive results.

Some readers even suggested I read the work of this guy or that guy. And yes, some of these supplements can have side effects and interactions with pharmaceuticals though the patient who asked the question does not appear to be taking pharmaceuticals.

Even if doctors are over-prescribing prescription medications and some of these medications create serious adverse events, it is not a justification to advise patients about whom you know little to nothing about their medical histories to take supplements instead.

I commonly discuss the potential hazards, side effects and interactions of supplements on HealthTap and do not see them as a panacea. Some comments went so far as to recommend a near abstinence of carbohydrates, in favor of a higher fat diet.

In response to your comment, "I would be remiss not to mention over-the-counter nutraceuticals that are widely considered safe and proven effective in studies published in mainstream journals. Baker, Here are the actual citations for the ,00 figure: I will keep writing and explaining that insulin resistance causes type 2 diabetes about 80 percent of the time.

Most physicians disdain supplements and for good reason, the least of which is their love for pharmaceuticals. One area where we disagree is the safety of over-the-counter nutraceuticals compared to prescription pharmaceuticals.

While I appreciate that reasonable people can disagree, the credible science continues to support very limited use of supplements in general.

Forgive me if I say it would be disingenuous to state that any specific supplement is useful when the prevailing scientific evidence is inconclusive for that supplement.

Are the hazards of nutraceuticals as a class anywhere near the hazards of pharmaceuticals? Still, I do agree these substances should be used wisely and optimally under the guidance of a physician who is knowledgeable in such matters and it is unfortunate that most doctors receive virtually no education in these matters.

In other words, for every 10,annual prescriptions there may be one purported related death, which may or may not have been caused by the prescription and even if the prescribed was, the cause, the drug may have caused the death because it was the wrong prescription for the diagnosed medical problem and the patient therefore died because he or she was improperly treated, and not because of a side effect of the drug.

While there are safety concerns with both, overAmericans die each year from the side-effects of properly-prescribed pharmaceuticals, and in recent years ZERO deaths have been reported from nutraceuticals.

I could not agree more that just because something is natural does not mean it is safe. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.According to the American Diabetes Association, there are million diabetic children and adults in the United States -- or percent of the population who has diabetes.

While an estimated million have been diagnosed with diabetes, million people are unaware that they have the disease. Because type 3 diabetes was only discovered inthere is not a long list of symptoms like there is with type 1 and 2 diabetes.

In fact, there are very few symptoms of type 3 diabetes. Memory loss, confusion and dementia are the only known symptoms at this point and those symptoms were derived from the newly discovered link to Alzheimers. "Opposing Views On Diabetes" Essays and Research Papers Opposing Views On Diabetes Another interesting perspective to analyze is the position that was taken by representatives of libertarian party after Supreme Court upheld Obamacare constitutional on June 28, Opposing View Points Essays Overview of Stem Cell Issues - GREAT RESOURCE!

Read the essays below to help understand various view points related to. Jul 02,  · Dr. Cherlap, I am not sure why you advise "skip the supplements" when the review cited in my answer, from a mainstream journal published by the American Diabetes Association, cites sound research showing significant reductions in A1C in those taking a combination of chromium and biotin, and in those taking fenugreek, gymnena Author: MDPrevent: Where Prevention is Preferable to Cure.

Opposing Views On Specific Arguments On The Causes Of Obesity Association declared that obesity is a disease inmany doctors and other medical professionals disagree with the decision.

Opinions on Type 2 Diabetes

Geoffrey Kabat, an epidemiologist, is one of the many medical professionals that does not believe that obesity is a disease.

Opposing views on diabetes
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