Rehabilation and retrofitting of structures

Are clay roof tiles properly secured to the roof? From the condition of each parameter, the engineer should able to judge the point assigned to the each criteria. Does the retrofitting approach give more benefit compare to rebuild the building? Each technique has both advantages and disadvantages.

In structural investigation, the investigator will collect some data related to existing structural condition for further analysis. In the second and third page of the assessment tool, there are eight 8 general criteria that will help the engineer to assess the vulnerability of the building.

Polyester shatter resistant films will help holding together fragments of any panels that crack in earthquake. The principal idea of strengthening those non-structural elements is to provide adequate restraint to the elements.

Are interior signs securely attached? Is the foundation fully covered with soil and fully supported by the soil? Following threshold criterion would assist the assessor or program person in concluding the recommendation. If the total point isit means that the building is totally safe.

List some materials used as protective surface coatings. With the risk quantified, rational decisions can be made as to whether the buildings should be retrofitted or replaced.

There is an urgent need to create greater awareness of safer school construction in new schools, while at the same time making sure that the existing school buildings are safe. Cracks on walls 2.

Figure 9 Non-destructive Testing Tools b Structural investigation for sub-structure Structural investigation for sub-structure includes the investigation for soil properties and foundation. The good performance of the whole structural system must be ensured.

The larger number of residents in the buildings, the greater possibilities of the building to be retrofitted. Design of retrofitting approach The retrofitting approach adopted should consider the followings criteria: A skilled workmanship must be provided to implement the proposed measures.

Is the fire extinguisher secured with quick-release straps? These treatments are used to seal the concrete surface ad to inhibit the intrusion of moisture or chemicals. Before retrofitting the non-structural elements, assessment is needed to determine the deficiencies occurred. Strengthening techniques for excessive uplift conditions The excessive of uplift forces caused by seismic overturning moments can be improved by: This is used for sealing dormant cracks such as precast units cracked in handling of cracks developed during the precast pilling sealing of cracks in water hands and sealing of cracks results of temporary conditions.

The skill of the worker must comply with the adopted retrofitting approaches. In structural analysis, the existing building is analyzed and subjected to earthquake forces based on current building codes.

Structural Rehabilitation & Retrofitting

If the building is vulnerable, then design of the retrofitting approach should be conducted. Score for condition and planning assessment 2. Are all beams free from damage cracking, splitting or spalling? If the total point is between 0- 2. Does the budget available enough for regular maintenance? Are the sound system speakers in elevated locations anchored to the structure or hung with safety cables?

After reviewing the total point, the engineer concludes the assessment in a recommendation whether to retrofit the building, rebuild the building, or do nothing.

Structural analysis Structural analysis is carried out after completing the investigation. Each score can independently affect the final recommendation. Some old buildings have extra values, such as historical values, that will strongly affect the final decision.

The purpose of carrying out a vulnerability assessment analysis of an existing building is to determine the level of risk associated with loss of serviceability and severe damage or collapse. These measures are important to understand the condition of the structures related to the recent building codes.

Structural Analysis Using the results from structural investigation, the buildings were analyzed to evaluate the structural performance under all applicable loads, including earthquakes. Are exterior billboards or signs adequately anchored? This method involves enlarging the cracks along its exposed surface, filling and finally sealing it with a suitable material.Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures Book Free Download Here we are providing Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures book free download.

It is mainly useful for students who are studying Engineering and Diploma Courses. This Textbook is mainly useful for Civil Engineering Department Students.

specifications and materials of structure, purpose, intensity and condition of use. It includes white washing, parch repair to plaster, replacement of fittings and fixtures, binding of road surface. Strengthening of Structures – Strengthening Methods — Retrofitting — Jacketing.

UNIT -VIII. Health Monitoring of Structures — Use of Sensors Building Instrumentation. Reference – Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures – RRS notes pdf – RRS pdf notes – RRS Pdf – RRS Notes.

1. Concrete Technology by A.R. Shantakumar.

Rehabilation and Retrofitting of Structures

concrete structures require an integral approach which need the introduction of as much preventive measures as possible in accordance with the basic established concept –“Prevention is always better than cure”.

Repair/rehabilitation/retrofitting is the fastest growing segment of the concrete industry. • Timber structures may be repaired with new timbers or composites of steel and timber members, and steel structures are normally repaired with steel.

• Concrete and masonry structural elements are frequently repaired with fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) or externally bonded steel members using epoxy adhesive. Ranson ia leading company all over India providing consultancy, Products,Engineering for Structural Rehabilitations such as Building Rehabilition and Retrofitting Systems, Concrete NDT Testing, Carbon Fiber Strengthening Systems, Structural Rehabilitation and Retrofitting Consultants, R-Gunite and Shotcreting Systems, RCC Column .

Rehabilation and retrofitting of structures
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