Russian ice cream

Russian ice cream people insist the ice cream tasted better because of the strict GOST regulations that manufacturers are no longer obliged to follow.

It was creamy, really creamy with a divine taste and very cheap. I am not sure if there were other flavors as well but this is it!!!

Lakomka was sold exclusively in Moscow, and those lucky enough to try it composed elaborately detailed accounts of Russian ice cream it tasted like, that spread like urban legends. That would be our desert. Mind you, the Russian version was different from the original French one.

Petersburg, where ice cream kiosks now feature this blast from the past once again!

Love for Russian Ice Cream

Share your stories with us via social media! They also have their own secret Russian ice cream like any company that sell a really good product. There are those with few kind words for the taste and consistency of some of the more affordable varieties: Consequently the taste of every different kind of ice cream ended up being the same in every city, so the standard one and therefore the nostalgic one.

At that time this was considered a portion for an entire family and it was often served with jam or grated chocolate. Not only does ice cream taste sweet and refreshing and come in a variety of exciting flavors, it also reminds us of family, friends and carefree summers we spent as children.

In Argentina we pay for the same one 1. The streets around Ekaterininskii skver were packed Russian ice cream people, there were long lines at the kiosks and most Russians went home with one or two boxes of ice cream.

Funny thing was that it was only then when I realized that it was the same ice cream you could have bought in any shop when I was a kid as well.

It was called Russian ice cream in Slovakia Ruska zmrzlina to be perfectly correct. Written by Jessica Carrettiero Enjoyed this post? The same ice cream just a different name! According to him, the imported brands and flavors have expanded from 50 to since then.

The main reason is that ice cream in Russia is made from pure milk. Russia to become target market for Chinese business - Chinese official https: Family and friends told me that times have changed in Russia and the quality of the ice cream is not what it used to be, like in the times of the Soviet Union.

Anyways, if you are after classic flavors — try this simple vanilla flavored ice cream. When one of the best ice cream factories closed down recently in Kaliningrad, people were very sad. Despite the nostalgia that surrounds it, Soviet ice cream still has its critics.

Many of the classic Russian ice creams we know and love today were brought into mass production under Soviet rule. During the Soviet period it was considered really expensive: One of the leading Ice Cream manufacturers have their own dairy farms and fresh milk is delivered every day.

In they introduced the acronym of GOST Gosudarstvenny Standart that involved strict state standards to regulate the process and quality of the final product. The standard flavour is the result of a particular policy introduced by the Soviet union about the production of ice cream.

The blank look on my face must have said it all so he continued explaining.Russian Ice Cream. In Russia I found that the ice cream was a lot better than the once we have in was creamy, really creamy with a divine taste and very cheap.

To give you an idea, we paid 10 Ruble ( USD) for a cone. In Argentina we pay for the same one USD and the quality is not nearly as good. The taste of Russian ice cream is really a special one. It’s much more creamy than the one which we are used to in the West because it contains more fat.

It has a standard Soviet taste that evokes a nostalgic feeling in Russians. Back when I was a little girl, I loved Russian ice cream пломбир в вафельном стаканчике (plombier in a waffle cup). I believe it was 18 or 20 kopeek back then in USSR.

It was soo yummy! Plombier always reminds me of my childhood. Sep 13,  · There was a small ice cream booth that had only 2 flavors across the street from my grandmothers appartment in a small city and we went there every day to get ice cream.

On Russia’s soft spot for icy retro desserts. In fact taste was a matter of exacting Soviet gastronomic science. Ice cream in the USSR was made according to GOST, a state standard for food. How to mix. Fill a rocks glass with ice cubes. Add Kahlúa and Absolut Vodka, finish up with a cream layer.

Russian ice cream – A Soviet Taste

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Russian ice cream
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