The bothersome beauty of pigeons

I totally related to what he was seeing. Because in the introduction he introduced pigeons in a way I could relate to I found myself already into the essay. I was very skeptical when I saw the title to this essay.

When i was younger i would chase them around trying to catch one so I understand where the author is coming from. While there is fact based information the author evaluates this information adding to the depth of the paper.

I could also tell an anecdote about what I am writing about to show that it has real life relevance and is important to lear about.

The main idea of the thesis is basically that different people feel differently about pigeons, some feel very strongly, and others not so much.

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I take a lot of notes and track my where my research is coming from and then I ask a lot of questions and really try to look at my essay from the audiences perspective so that I can make sure I address both sides of the topic and do not exclude any part of it.

Main Idea and Thesis of the Essay: By the end of the essay he understood that we have the ability to hate and love things at the same time and that it is actually what fuels us humans, we are complicated. He also stated that like Viet Nam the battle of "pigeon control" is a war that we will never win because we also battle our conflicting desires.

Also relatr the fact to other things such as Ballenger did by telling us how much money London spends on cleaning up pigeon poop. Pigeons would seem to qualify. I could totally relate to the comment about pigeon wars being like the battle against dandelions in a suburban yard.

A not very interesting topic at all, but he got his audience into his essay with the introduction. He introduced new facts about pigeons, then after he would relate that fact to a story or experience he had with them. I did come to realize something about myself after reading this essay.

My favorite part of the essay was when the author compared the war against pigeons to the war in Viet Nam. The interesting format makes things stick rather than trying to remember fact after fact.

The topic of pigeons is not something that peaked my interest. I was a little surprised that I liked it as much as I did. Many people feel strongly on either loving or hating pigeons. The way it started out I was questioning what his definition of pigeons were.

The main idea is that while pigeons can be a nuisance they are beautiful animals and we as humans cannot overlook their beauty 4. The goose poop was everywhere.

“The Bothersome Beauty of Pigeons”- Bruce Ballenger

I believe that the author came to understand that pigeons are animals that can be hated or loved simply because of their nature. The most important point I feel the author made through the essay is that we can hate something and love something at the same time. Once I have chosen my main ideas I then look through for supporting ideas.

Despite trying to make them interesting, those papers were very bland and this paper is enlightening and I actually learned.Jan 09,  · The Bothersome Beauty of Pigeons Exercise 2 1. "The vendors line up side by side and though many sell exactly the same kinds of sunglasses or lighters or posters, they don’t seem to aggressively compete with each other; in fact, they borrow money from each other to make change, and laugh together at quiet comments I can’t.

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"Pigeons are punks. Looking them in the eye, I'm sure they know but just don't care." 2. One guide book recommends that this feeding should be followed by throwing an article of clothing in the air, which like the police and the sunglass vendors, makes the pigeons take flight in a sudden pulse of.

Feb 03,  · The Bothersome Beauty of Pigeons - Ballenger This was an interesting reading. I like in the introduction, how he compared the street vendors to pigeons. They come in a flock and seem to work together and have fun.

Then as the police comes and scares them all away. They go hide, but come back when the police is gone. Sep 01,  · Exploring thoughts on "The Bothersome Beauty of Pigeons" I found the essay to be extremely interesting.

I was a little surprised that I liked it as much as I did.

The bothersome beauty of pigeons
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