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Two questions emerge about the conundrum of the graying of our population: Adapted from Population Reference Bureau. The average African American male will die almost 11 years earlier than the average white woman. Author; United Nations Population Division.

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Bythe proportion of Americans age 65 or older is predicted to increase to nearly 20 percent, or about 72 million elderly people. To do so, you will need to plan carefully, organize skillfully, and bullet your points succinctly, but clearly.

Inequality in life expectancy also exists within a given society along gender, race and ethnicity, and social class lines. And I think that the defence expenses will be cut in the near future. Prior to the assistance of these social programs, about 35 percent of Americans over the age of 65 had incomes below the poverty line; in comparison, by the year the poverty rate for elderly people had dropped to 10 percent.

The major factor is the wealth or poverty of a nation, as the wealthiest nations have much longer life expectancies than the poorest ones. Two factors will account for this growth.

Fertility and mortality in the United States. Assignment To complete this assignment, synthesize the information that you have read, and summarize it into a brief series of 10 PowerPoint slides 8 content slides; 1 title slide; 1 references slide s designed in a bulleted point format.

United States life tables, When we look historically and cross-culturally, we see that old age is a relative term, since few people in many of the societies we have discussed reach what most Americans would consider to be old, say 65 or older or perhaps 50 or older, which entitles someone to membership in AARP, formerly called the American Association of Retired Persons.

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I also think there will have to come new social welfare programmes, such as the one President Clinton has suggested. For senior citizens, a sizable chunk of income is claimed by rising health care costs. One reason for this is that urban families have smaller dwelling units in which to accommodate their elderly relatives and lack any land onto which they can build new housing.

In some African nations, the average life expectancy is under 45 years Population Reference Bureau, Key Takeaways Life expectancy differs widely around the world and is much higher in wealthy nations than in poor nations.

The graying of their populations promises to pose special problems. Data from Administration on Aging. Because these nations are so poor, they will face even greater problems than the industrial world in paying for such care and for other programs and services their older citizens will need.

As a result, families in poor nations will find it increasingly difficult to accommodate their elders. In fact, gender and race combine in the United States to put African American males at a particular disadvantage, as they can expect to live only Write a short essay in which you discuss the problems that an elderly person you know, perhaps a grandparent, has experienced related to being older.Nov 26,  · Aging Population Essay.

Impacts of an Aging Population. The Aging American Population The American population has changed dramatically over the last century. Our society has become effected by this in all areas and walks of life.

You will review two websites that focus on some of the reasons behind the “graying of America”, and also present some of the possible impacts of our aging society.

First, read chapter 7 of your textbook for a background on our elderly population. Graying of the global population. Public Policy & Aging Report, 17 (4), 12– In wealthy nations, older people (65 or older) now constitute.

aging population essaysAgeing population is a worldwide pattern. The population is getting older this has social, political and economic impact on all societies.

New Zealand's ageing population is a consequence of many factors. Life Expectancy, Aging, and the Graying of Society. Hayutin, A. M. (). Graying of the global population. The large increase in older Americans overall has been called the graying of America and will have important repercussions for elderly care and other aspects of old age in the United States.

Module 5 Graying of America PPT Axtivity. Order Description 1 Slide – what factors have led to the graying of the population?

Graying of Population Essay

1 Slide – aging (65+) census comparison between now and future projections (i.e., or ) not paragraphs from a paper or essay!).

The graying of america population aging essay
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