The human perception of loudness

Overcoming small sample bias: Reconciling Fechner and Stevens? What is tactual perception? The tube involved in the hearing process is wound tightly like a snail shell and is called the cochlea. Evidence from Auditory Signal Processing: Effects of rate, electrode separation, level, and mode of stimulation: Veb Deutscher Verlag Der Wissenscha.


The intensity range of audible sounds is enormous. Our frame of reference is our tendency to see things from a narrow focus that directly affects us.

Music perception, pitch, and the auditory system

Does stimulus context affect loudness or only loudness judgments? Such effects seem to hold only for sine tones. Lead stimulation effects on reflex blink, exogenous brain potentials, and loudness judgments: First, even though a single nerve cell cannot react fast enough to follow audio frequencies, enough cells are involved that the aggregate of all the firing patterns is a fair replica of the waveform.

Nature Vol Sep Audiology Vol 16 3 Noise and two-tone complexes: Recruitment, loudness and the stapedial reflex threshold under hypnosis: It can explain how a sharp clap of the hands might seem painfully loud in a quiet library, but is hardly noticeable after a car backfires on a busy, urban street.

Loudness perception

A cognitive influence on the loudness of tones that change continuously in level: Differences in preference for subtle dynamic nuance between conductors, middle school music students, and elementary school students: Absolute scaling of sensory magnitudes: Loudness perception and late auditory evoked potentials in adult evoked potentials in adult cochlear implant users: Binaural summation after learning psychophysical functions for loudness: Further consideration of adaptation and loudness decrement:The perception of music depends on many culture-specific factors, but is also constrained by properties of the auditory system.

This has been best characterized for those aspects of music that involve pitch.


Pitch sequences are heard in terms of relative, as well as absolute, pitch. Pitch. Loudness is a psychological quality which relies on human interpretation. Loudness is hard to measure as it depends on how the human ear responds to it. Sound Pressure Level is linked to loudness as it is a physical quantity which can be measured.

Loudness. Loudness is not simply sound intensity!. Sound loudness is a subjective term describing the strength of the ear's perception of a sound. It is intimately related to sound intensity but can by no means be considered identical to intensity.

The sound intensity must be factored by the ear's sensitivity to the particular frequencies contained in the. loudness perceived by human ear. •Most common of a family of curves is A-weighting: –originally intended for the measurement of low-level sounds as it is based on the 40 phon Fletcher-Munson curve; –adds values, listed by octave or third-octave bands, to the measured SPL in dB to produce dB(A).

Loudness is the quality of a sound that is the primary psychological correlate of physical strength (amplitude). It is a feeling, which is neither the sound pressure as field quantity nor the acoustic intensity as energy quantity.

What is the role of perception in human behavior?

human perception of loudness is logarithmic. Now, what that means is that to double the perceived loudness, the sound pressure level has.

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The human perception of loudness
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