Third conditional writing activities

The students are divided into teams of three or four. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

If we had gone on our weekend away, I would have taken lots of pictures. After a team has read out a speech, the students discuss who third conditional writing activities could be and each team writes down an answer. Teams receive one point for each correct guess. The only rule is that the role-play must include the eight clauses on the strips.

The students shuffle the cards and place them face down in a pile on the desk. This is just one of them. Each student takes a card from the box and goes around the class asking a third conditional question to find out who wrote the sentence on their card.

The student who is defining uses second conditional structures from the board and gives up to three definitions. Example If I had known… If I had known that my grandmother was going to die young, I would have planned a special trip for the two of us.

If no one manages to guess correctly after three definitions, the student who is defining keeps the card. Afterwards, students report back to the class on what they found out during the activity.

Afterwards, students say what their classmates would do in the different situations. When the students have finished, the groups tell the class their findings Characterizations ESL Second Conditional Game - Writing, Listening and Speaking Activity - Intermediate - 50 minutes In this intriguing second conditional game, students practice making conditional sentences with the verb to be.

I climbed in the window quickly and grabbed my purse. What would you do if? Then the next student picks up a card and so on. The students are divided into teams of three or four and each team is given an ideas sheet.

Writing Prompt ~ Third Conditional

Student B starts by reading the first sentence and guessing the missing words in the gaps using the third conditional. The class is divided into pairs A and B and each student is given a corresponding worksheet. I would have been happier If I had been born in the 19th century…. Place the vocabulary on flashcards face down on the table.

If I had been there when the builders installed the electrics, I would have seen where the fuse was installed.

Second & Third Conditional

Going Away ESL Second Conditional Activity - Reading, Writing and Speaking - Pre-intermediate - 35 minutes In this second conditional worksheet activity, students ask and answer questions about how they would spend their last day at home if they were going away for a year.

When they are ready, the students take it in turns to talk about their regrets for the problem on their card. The other team listens to each characterization in turn and fills out an answer sheet with the information. If you had put the keys where they should have been, I would have seen them.

Suddenly, the alarm went off. Afterwards, the students take a new card each and repeat the process. If the team guesses correctly, they win a point. If only I had known….

Then suddenly, I could hear sirens; someone had called the police.3. Here is a grammar presentation and practice exercises for the third conditional for ESL teachers and students.

You will find a free printable download of this. Third Conditional Games, ESL Activities and Worksheets. Guess my Sentence. ESL Third Conditional Game - Reading, Writing and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 25 minutes.

Here is a fun third conditional game to play in class. The students are divided into pairs (A and B) and each student is given a corresponding part of the worksheet. Jun 15,  · This worksheet about the conditionals contains a grammar overview, explaining the formation and use of the first, second and third conditional (by means of example sentences and schematic overviews).5/5(11).

Conditional Sentences – Third Condition (Past Time - Unreal/ Contrary to Fact) Complete the following sentences using the correct form of the verbs provided.

This speaking activity helps students practise using third conditional to talk about the past and imagine what would have happened if It is suitable for any learners who are already familiar with third conditional and need more speaking practice.

It is also a great activity for conversation. Writing Prompt ~ Third Conditional. Writing Prompt: In English we use the third conditional to talk about something in the past that did not happen.

There is no possibility for this thing to come true because the past already happened. The result is also impossible because the past is in the past.

Third conditional writing activities
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