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The Sherman anti trust act was established to go against monopolies, and, when passed, forbade combinations in restraint of trade. He was unqualified, and, in the past, had insulted the Democrats who voted for him.

What were some of the main ways in which the government tried to deal with the trusts? The region also was very large, despite having a small population and non-fertile soil.

Grant allowing corruption to happen. Again, they failed, and appealed to Congress. Citizens wanted their political party to be in office, and therefore voted to make sure that happened. To lessen employees voices even more, corporations also had the power to call upon federal courts to order strikers to stop striking, and if the defiance continued, the corporations caused the state and federal authorities to bring in troops, along with also having the power to call upon federal courts to stop striking, and if the defiance continued, the corporations caused Unit 1 test part 2 state and federal authorities to bring in troops, along with also having the power of the procedure, the "lockout", shutting rebelling workers out and starving them into submission.

George Washington carver and Ida b wells demonstrated different methods of combatting racial prejudice 3. This reminded America of the civil war, and was a tactic by Republicans to attack democrats, allowing more republicans to win office 29 Explain the effects of credit mobilier on businesses and government during this period This scandal occurred when the credit mobilier construction company formed, began hiring themselves, the pacific railroad insiders to earn high dividends, and then, to keep congress from stopping them, distributed shares of stock to congressmen including the Vice President.

What were the main issues surrounding the election of ? Granges and cooperatives demonstrated the strong sense of community many Americans felt in the 19th century 1 and 3 11 Explain how 2 of the following influenced political party identification and loyalty between and Region or location Ethnicity Depending on where a person is, they have different jobs and motives, an example is the west where many populists, who supported farmers, because, there were many struggling farmers Because some races tended to be part of political parties that supported them, such as African Americans, who were largely republican.

What were some of the biggest challenges facing labor in the second half of the nineteenth century? The interstate commerce act, though not a major victory of corporate wealth, did allow competing business interests to resolve conflicts peacefully, and to prevent rate wars between railroads and outraged state legislators who attacked to confiscate them.

How corporations treated simple workers. The companies could also make employees agree not to join a labor union, put them on a "black list" for fellow employers to see, and cause employees to go into perpetual debt to them. I agree with the efforts of Charles Sumner on Reconstruction.

The McKinley campaign of run by Mark Hanna set the pattern As manual skills replaced originality and creativity, factories became depersonalized, bodiless, soulless, and usually conscienceless.

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Why were the political times so prone to political corruption in the post—Civil War Era? The two parties were also despite many of the same economic issues very competitive of each other. Stanton, who was a spy and informer for the radicals. The employees were highly dispensible and replaceable, as employees could gain wealth through stockholders, get expensive lawyers, buy up local press, pressure politicians, import strikebreakers, and employ thugs to beat up labor organizers.

The government, at first, tried to control the trusts through state legislation, like they had previously done to curb the railroads. Did the Compromise of resolve those issues? The Interstate Commerce Act dealt with monopolies by among other things like prohibiting rebates and pools, requiring railroads to publish their rates openly, forbidding unfair discrimination against shippers, and outlawing charging more for a short haul than for a long one over the same line establishing the interstate commerce commission ICC to administer and enforce the legislation that individual states had no power to regulate interstate commerce.

New machines replaced many workers, and railroads bringing in unemployed workers from all over the country and elsewhere beat down high wage levels.View Test Prep - Unit 1 Test Part 2 from PRACTICAL at Muhlenberg College.

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1. Write a paragraph describing the relationship between triangles and circles. Be sure to include a description of the different centers a triangle can5/5(1).

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