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People are merely trying to reach a mutual point of understanding in order to connect with others in a comprehensible way.

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An effort is required to engage parents in activities. A sign does not possess meaning, because it is just a natural component that has a direct connection with what it represents. The content must not be changed in any way or sold commercially in any format or medium without the formal permission of the copyright holders.

However, the main issue that arises regarding this process is how well the receiver will be able to interpret and formulate thoughts from the messages.

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Grolnik and Slowiazek define parental involvement as the dedication of resources by parents in given domains. One-way communication with parents is a convenient form of manipulation that leads parents to withdraw from participation.

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However, the importance of communication in school may be seen from two different perspectives. This effort is line with Epstein s ; 21 suggestions for encouraging schools to invest more time in designing support policies to improve school home relations.

Knowledge in this concept includes the knowledge of the topic, knowledge about the receiver and knowledge about how to communicate. Parents with different backgrounds may need different approaches of communication.

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This includes eye communication, postures, gestures and facial expression, dress and appearance, voice and vocal variety, language, use or non-use of pauses and gaps, listener involvement, humour and being one s natural self as important elements for effective communication.

Scholars in general acknowledge that communication takes place when the sender and receiver agree to share understanding of information, signs and symbols. In this study, leadership communication is defined as specific modes that principals use to interact verbally or non-verbally with parents.

Reducing interruption or noise can lead to the transmission of the source s intended meaning. Scholars such as Barrett 26RichesDuBrin 21Lussier and Achua 21Moos and Huber 27Northouse 21Reeve 28 and Williamson and Blackburn 29 acknowledge that communication is a critical element for overall organisational operations and success.

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Nor, 27; Ministry of Education, 26a. Last but not least, a big thank you goes also to my sponsor, the Ministry of Education Malaysia, and to schools and colleagues for their support and encouragement throughout my study.

A study by Crozier and Davies 27 found that lack of understanding of the significance of parents evening programmes is the reason why parents of Bangladeshi origin fail to become involved in many schools in the north-east of England.

The researcher also conducted interviews with three marketing industry professionals to learn more about what makes loyalty work as well as what are the most effective incentive drivers for consumers.

However, the parents may resent the direction and display their objections to the matter to the principal. In interacting, they have to be sensitive to the direct and indirect effects of their communication with students, teachers and parents. However, efforts to create true partnerships are debatable.

Many studies have investigated school home relations, but fewer have tended to explore principals communications in relation to parental involvement in school. The theories suggested by BerloHuseman, Lahiff and PenroseSchrammSanford, Hunt and Braceyand Shannon and Weaver bring us back to the idea that communication is more effective if the receiver interprets the message as the sender intended it.

However, lack of structured design and standard 37 51 procedures to establish research reliability and validity resulted in many studies being strongly criticised. Communication is a symbolic process of sharing meanings. Most parents are often reluctant to engage in school learning activities, even if they are aware that their participation generally has a positive impact on children s learning and social behaviour Farrell, ; Chavkin, Organisational communication comprises messages exchanged between leaders and staff, and external parties.

I also would like to thank my late dad, Tong Cheng, and my mum, Kim Bee, who taught me a great deal of education and human behaviour.

In the process of communication, ideas and feelings can be transmitted through verbal and nonverbal symbols, but the symbols must be mutually understood for the meaning to be truly shared.

These theories and models are helpful and practical, because they provide a clearer picture of the process of communication; the fundamental interaction of language, medium, and message; and the socially constructed aspects of each element; and relationships between senders and receivers.

The current study attempts to determine how principals speak to parents and how parents perceive the way in which principals speak to them.

The findings of this study might also be useful for participants planning their future communication strategies, or to inform teacher training programmes.

Schools have become larger. The chapter begins with discussion of the research philosophy, followed by an explanation of the research design, 16 30 sampling, data collection and data analysis.School of Electronics and Computer Science Faculty of Engineering, Sciences and Mathematics University of Southampton Timothy Lewy 9th May A Consistent Reference Service for the.

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