Why do blacks get longer sentences for the same crimes

By Patrick Worrall 8 Sep David Lammy MP has published a review into how people from ethnic minorities are treated in the criminal justice system.

Blacks Receive 60% Longer Sentences For Same Crimes

The review cites this piece of research from the Centre for Justice Innovation — which repeats the claim, but also offers no hard evidence for it. United States Sentencing Commission pdf EJI is a private, nonprofit organization that challenges poverty and racial injustice, advocates for equal treatment in the criminal justice system, and creates hope for marginalized communities.

These racial disparities in our criminal justice system are a legacy of our history of racial injustice. It also found evidence of racial prejudice. But it cannot answer the six-million dollar question: Slavery evolved into convict leasing, whereby African Americans were arrested for "crimes" like loitering and forced to work in white-owned businesses throughout the South.

This trend would appear at first glance to be a matter of individual choice, rather than systemic racism, but the Lammy Review says: It found evidence that people from different ethnic groups were indeed receiving different kinds of sentences, but not for every type of crime.

What happens at sentencing? For the study, cases were dividied into four groups: The figure comes from this Ministry of Justice analysis of sentencing by ethnicity in England and Wales in Slavery in America was justified by a narrative of racial hierarchy — the belief that black people were inferior, and therefore needed and actually benefitted from slavery— that survived the formal abolition of slavery.

Print email The United States Sentencing Commission reported last week that black male offenders received sentences on average This US Bureau of Justice Statistics study tries to account for a wide range of differences in cases, and concludes: Research in America has gone further in trying to allow for confounding variables.

The report found that black male offenders were The big difference was in drug offences.

Racial Gap in Men's Sentencing

And even when black male offenders did get a below-guidelines sentence from a judge, their sentences were But after being arrested, they are slightly less likely to be charged by the Crown Prosecution Service than white suspects. This is important, as defendants who plead guilty generally get more lenient sentences from judges.

Are the differences down to institutional racism, or to the choices made by criminals? Black, Asian and minority ethnic BAME people make up 14 per cent of the general population, but a quarter of the prison population, the report finds. The finding is based on data for fiscal yearsand it is consistent with the prior four periods studied by the Commission.

The decades of racial terror lynchings that followed slavery grafted onto the narrative of racial hierarchy a presumption of guilt and dangerousness, as whites defended vigilante violence against black people as necessary to protect their property, families, and Southern way of life from black "criminals.

No one is sure why.Black Americans receive almost 60% long prison sentences than white Americans who committed the same crime.

With or Without Sentencing Guidelines, Black Men Get Screwed

Blacks Receive 60% Longer Sentences For Same Crimes. Prison sentences of black men were nearly 20% longer than those of white men for similar crimes in recent years, an analysis by the U.S.

Sentencing Commission found. sentences of blacks were. In the two years after the [ US v Booker ruling, which gave federal judges more discretion in sentencing], sentences of blacks were on average % longer than the sentences of similarly.

African-American men serve longer sentences than white men for the same crime, black men serve sentences that are on average percent longer than those for white men for similar crimes.

Black men get longer prison sentences than white men for same crimes: study The group's analysis of sentencing data for whites and blacks between the years and revealed that black. Sep 11,  · Past studies have also found that minority men are, on average, given longer prison sentences than white men convicted of the same crimes.

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Why do blacks get longer sentences for the same crimes
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