Women s rights in afghanistan a huge

Hillary Clinton said that she is "deeply concerned" about the law, Obama found it "abhorrent", and others in the West have asked, "Is this what our soldiers are dying for?

This left only one hospital in Kabul at which they could seek treatment. These women faced virtual house arrest.

What You Should Know About Women's Rights in Afghanistan

March 2, Despite international pleas, the Taliban destroys two stone carvings of Buddha dating back to A. Women were prohibited from participating in sports or entering a sports club. The mujahedeen transformed an extremely reactionary interpretation of Islam into the national standard, and in many ways were even worse than the Taliban.

Women's rights in Afghanistan

Many Afghan families will only permit their daughters to attend all-girls schools close to home and few such schools exist.

Extremists still believe that if girls are visible outside the home, they lose respect and are at risk of dishonoring the family. A more official line was the punishment of men for instances of female misconduct: Women had previously been allowed to work in a limited range of jobs, but this was stopped by Taliban authorities.

His rule is defined by a period of stable but gradual modernization. When they did go out it was required that they had to wear an all-covering burqa. Under these restrictions, women were denied formal education. They institute a severe version of Shariah Law, requiring men to grow beards and women to fully veil themselves.

The country is renamed the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. Of those who remained, many lived in fear of the regime and chose to reside at the hospital during the working week to minimise exposure to Taliban forces.

Afghan women did gain rights throughout the twentieth century -- in the cities. Only five percent of girls go to secondary school throughout the country, but in Kabul more girls are enrolled than at any point in the last ten years.

The Afghan government recently changed the legal age for marriage for girls from 16 to He also says the U. He is posthumously nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, and the anniversary of his death becomes a national holiday.While the world buzzes about this latest setback for Afghan women, you might be wondering just what exactly the bill says about women's rights in Afghanistan.

What do Afghan women think about this. Many women’s groups are outraged at the idea of negotiations with the Taliban that could leave women’s rights vulnerable.

February Afghanistan Rights Monitor reports that. Conventional wisdom suggests that the rule of the Taliban from to represented a huge step backwards for women’s rights and their overthrow a huge step forward.

But while Afghanistan’s post-Taliban government did much to please its Western backers — 25% of parliament sets were allocated for women in the country’s constitution.

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in threats, intimidation and attacks against those at the forefront of protecting women’s rights in Afghanistan.

High-profile women have been targeted simply for being in public roles, as part of a wider backlash against women's rights in the country. A Taliban representative stated: "The Taliban’s act of giving monthly salaries to 30, job-free women, now sitting comfortably at home, is a whiplash in the face of those who are defaming Taliban with reference to the rights of women.

Women’s Rights in Afghanistan There are many problems in the world today that are overlooked by many people. All of these problems are going on around the world, but one very specific place is Afghanistan.

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Women s rights in afghanistan a huge
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